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You Are Someone Else
I need to evaluate my behavior less.

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not to be rude, but i don't think we have much in common.
please take me off your friends list.

if you are that threatened by my harmless musings about absolutely nothing (at times), then by all means, go about your business. however, if you are simply being a bitch because i offended you in some way but are too much of a coward to confront me, then i pity you as much as one person can pity a fool via the internets. probably not a lot, but it sounded funnier when i pictured Mr. T saying it. oh well...

i miss the old days... when people would just take other people off their list, without saying anything. now it's just the e-passive aggression that just gives me the douchechills.

oh, and for the record, don't take me too seriously. i was trying to be extremely annoying.

i've not really defended myself a whole lot. i followed a Christian-based belief system in the past and thought i needed to turn the other cheek all the time. i learned this is hardly ever true -- but i do know it's not necessary to bludgeon someone for something as trivial as this.

going by what my friend Corey said, i could have just taken you off. i was, however, offended that you found what i had written to be so different from your beliefs that you didn't even want to look at it -- was i really that awful?

perhaps i'm insecure. i don't think so, though. i'm not really hurt by the fact that you're no longer on my friends list. i am, however, curious as to why you wanted me to remove you in the first place. if you receive this and want to contact me, you can reach me at OR i'll make this entry public and leave it open for you to reply.

if not, that's okay, too. i don't know why i came back to this. i suppose i felt i had come off as if i were having a serious crisis over you asking me to remove, which wasn't the case. if anything, i was trying to act like a jackass to express how i perceived you to be acting toward me.

serious business mode...seriously.

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